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How it looks and feels is supposed to tell you how it works

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Originally from How It Looks And Feels Is Supposed To Tell You How It Works — Michael Heilemann

So we have one arrow at the top pointing down, one at the bottom pointing up, text that ‘points’ right and then also a camera which points… nowhere (and is really small). Tap it, and the lock screen bounces. Hopefully people will divine from that that they can drag the camera up to take photos.

However, that leaves us with three drag indicators at the bottom of the screen, two of which are up! Good luck not triggering the control center when you’re trying for the camera.

When presented with an actual iOS 7 device, my first instinct was to slide UP to unlock, even though I’ve been sliding left-to-right since 2008. This use-cue is very misleading.

iOS 7

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Wow! Just wow! The interface looks gorgeous, both the UI and the UX. It will take some getting used to, and yes, your mom and grandpa will call you (if they can find the Phone app), but I'm really looking forward to it. Apple has really kept their promise, and Jony Ive has outdone himself.

Highlights for me: new today view in Notification Center, NC sync, new multitasking, Control Center and the expanded folders (no longer Games 1, Games 2 and Games 3 folders). Shared Photo Stream is also something the look forward to, since I'm on my way to switching my entire family to iPhone (mom, sis, if your reading this, you two are next).

I had my doubts about the icons but, after a good night sleep, even those are starting to appeal to me.

iOS 6 vs iOS 7 icon comparison, via @pawsupforu.

“If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up”

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Originally from Motivational Quotes that Don’t Motivate Me | Beyond the Miles

Motivational quote, originally for running, but applicable to everything basically.

My Mom’s Computer Keyboard

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Originally from Tastefully Offensive: Mom's Computer Keyboard

iOS music concept

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Originally from KUROCHA: iOS Music Concept

Really cool and nice looking app concept.